Measuring Tools / Laser Rangefinder(DDF80)

Model:   DDF80

Description:  Laser rangefinder can quickly and efficiently measure distance, the measurement accuracy can be accurate to the millimeter, and avoid the risk of accidents due to the measurement process caused. Measure indoor, outdoor and difficult to close the site. By using subtraction, area and volume calculations, as well as direct buttons Pythagorean and continuous measurement button, the measurement process easy, convenient and efficient.

Features:  Fully-functional, light and compact, with attached portable instrument cover. Rubber coating on handheld part, comfortable grip. Professional laser module ensures higher accuracy.

Warranty:  6 months for armature, field coil and any manufacturing defects only. Except mishandled and ruff used products


Measuring Range(m)0.05-80
Accuracy of Measurement(mm)±1.5
Laser Class635nm,P<1mmW
Laser Diode  2
Min. Display Unit(mm)1
Auto off180s
Battery Life10000+
Battery Specification4×1.5V AAA
Working Temperature-10~+50
Storage Temperature-25~+70
Product Size(mm)118×55×30
Product Size(mm)0.15