Cordless Tools / Cordless Cleaner DCXC12(TYPE B)

Model:   DCXC12(TYPE B)

Description:  Easy to clean and quick charging, low noise, small size, easy access to traditional vacuum cleaner where the old could not reach the place, under cabinets, under the couch, under the coffee table, bed, wall edges and so on. The hair, lint, dust all sucked. Narrow the gap of the car, cushion chairs, doors and windows can be cleaned instrument. Get rid of the shackles of wires, random crossing.

Features:  Wireless vacuuming with large capacity and strong suction.

Warranty:  6 months for armature, field coil and any manufacturing defects only. Except mishandled and ruff used products


Battery12 V/1 .5 Ah
Max.A ir Flow.( m³/min)1.2
Air Pressure(Kpa) 1.8
Continuous Use(minutes,approx)20
Net Weight(kg)0.9