Blowers & Heat Guns / Heat Gun(DQB1800)

Model:   DQB1800

Description:  Heat Gun is mainly used for heating the paint or coating, removing it from wood or metal surfaces; removing adhesive material or decorations; relieve tight or rusted metal nut or screws; thawing the lock or frozen pipes; shrinking PVC packaging films and insulating tube; shrinking polyethylene material and softening the welding materials.

Features:  Built-in overheat protection device prolongs machine life. High and Low temperature / airflow adjustment.

Warranty:  6 months for armature, field coil and any manufacturing defects only. Except mishandled and ruff used products


Rated Power Input(W)1800
Temperature (Low Temperature)50-370
Temperature (High Temperature)50-560
Air Flow (Low Temperature)  320-360
Air Flow (High Temperature)460-550
Net Weight(kg)0.8