Angle Grinder / Weld Joint Beveller(DJB3)

Model:   DJB3

Description:  Weld Joint Beveller is used in the general environment, chamfering without heat treatment of metal materials, such as molds, machine tools, chamfer machined parts work activities. It is widely used in the steel, shipbuilding, mold processing, metal processing, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Features:  Light-weight body with auxiliary handle ensures comfortable grip. Rotatable blade makes operation much easier.

Warranty:  6 months for armature, field coil and any manufacturing defects only. Except mishandled and ruff used products


Rated Power Input(W)800
Rated Speed(r/min)9000
Blade Specification(mm)□9.5×3.5×Ф4.2
Net Weight(kg)2.5